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 We invite all those who want to share in the exploration of what the Christian faith means to join us in worship and fellowship. We offer lively, relevant and interesting worship and assure you of a warm welcome.

As well as services on Sundays and Friday and groups who meet for fellowship, we have a Coffee Bar which is open to the public every week day morning from 10am - 2pm and on Saturdays from 10am - 12pm.  We also host various events open to one and all.

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Let’s Go Green in 2017 – Use your LOAF

Those of us who heard Neil’s sermon this morning (11/6/17), introducing us to James, were challenged not to just listen and agree with the wisdom from The Word, but to become ‘doers’. So, six months into our Let’s Go Green series for this year, I wonder what wisdom we’ve heard about our place in caring for creation ... and I wonder what we’ve done as a result of this listening!

One area we can all take action on is food – something we deal with day in and day out. As summer unfolds I challenge you to put into place a LOAF approach to food, from Green Christian:

Local – where you can, choose locally produced options e.g. watercress from Alresford, rather than beans from Kenya. It reduces food miles.

Organically grown – Consider the wider impact on food chains and soil quality by the use of intensive industrial farming methods involving pesticides and fertilisers.

Animal friendly – free range eggs and meat; sustainably caught fish (look for MSC logo).

Fairly traded – ensuring good working conditions and fair wages.

But how?

  • Grow some of your own food. Or help out at the Incredible Edible Winchester, WinACC's Food Action Group, community allotment, opened on Sunday 30 April. Local people are invited to join in digging, sowing, planting, harvesting, cooking and eating locally grown food at Edington Road allotments, off Worthy Lane Winchester (near the football ground, and ten minutes’ walk, or a short bus ride, from the city centre).

If you would like to find out how easy it is to grow your own food then come along to one of our weekend or evening sessions. If you like digging and weeding, there is plenty to do – uncover the rhubarb, raspberries and gooseberries overgrown by grass in this once productive allotment. If you want to come along, they are not expecting a weekly commitment, just whatever you can do and if you don’t fancy digging, there is a shed that needs painting, plants to put into the ground, or just come along for a chat. The aim is to involve both beginners and more experienced growers in the pleasure of growing their own food. Please contact IEW at food@winacc.org, facebook incredibleediblewinchester, twitter @winacc

·         Buy British fruit and veg in season.

·         Eat less meat and dairy, eat some vegetarian meals every week.

‘Every aspect of our lives is, in a sense, a vote for the kind of world we want to live in.’ Frances Moore Lappé author of Diet for a Small Planet Happy eating!


Jo Crocker