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 We invite all those who want to share in the exploration of what the Christian faith means to join us in worship and fellowship. We offer lively, relevant and interesting worship and assure you of a warm welcome.

As well as services on Sundays and Friday and groups who meet for fellowship, we have a Coffee Bar which is open to the public every week day morning from 10am - 2pm and on Saturdays from 10am - 12pm.  We also host various events open to one and all.

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As Christian Aid Week draws near again we are all aware of the huge problems which continue to face the developing world – both man-made and natural. And it is particularly heart-breaking when a country has barely recovered from one disaster when another strikes. Christian Aid, with our support, aims to be there to help. Christian Aid Week brings tens of thousands of Christians together to achieve incredible things with some of the poorest people in the world. 

This year we meet Marcelin and his three daughters, living in a two-metre-square windowless concrete block in Haiti. Also, Vilia and her family. Much of Haiti was devastated by a powerful earthquake in 2010. Like so many thousands, Vilia lost her home. Christian Aid, working through its local partner KORAL, built her a new earthquake-resistant home – one of 700. In 2016 Hurricane Matthew again created massive devastation. Vilia’s house was the only one in the area sturdy enough to cope with the hurricane. Fifty-four neighbours flocked to her house and were given food and shelter. But many in Haiti are still living in tents (and concrete blocks like Marcelin), and good-quality house building remains critical. For £210 a local builder in Haiti could be trained to build earthquake-resistant houses. Money raised in Christian Aid Week will contribute to this and to other needs around the world.

Last year our churches and communities in Winchester and District raised nearly £30,000 towards the work of Christian Aid. Please help us to do the same or better this year! In many of our parishes house to house collections continue to be carried out, and this is one of the most effective ways of raising money. Please think of helping if this happens in your parish – and if it doesn’t, or you would like to help elsewhere, please contact Rosemary Dunhill as below. If you don’t do house to house, could your church arrange a collection within the church – or could you organise other money-raisers at church or at home[Note from the Editor: Helen McTiffin says she would be happy to welcome any new collectors for our Church ‘patch’ on Teg Down]

There will be a special service to mark the beginning of the Week on Sunday 13 May at 6.30 pm at The United Church, Jewry Street; do come if you can. We have also been given permission to hold a collection in the High Street on Thursday 17 May. If you could help for an hour or two this would again be much appreciated.

Rosemary Dunhill

Winchester and District Christian Aid Week co-ordinator