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Hope for Planet Earth – Witness: Matthew Crocker


Matthew is 9. He is in year 4 at All Saints Primary School and part of our younger junior church group.


Notes from a chat with Matthew in May 2018.

Why are you interested in nature?

“I’m interested in nature because of all the trees, bushes ad flowers around me with all sorts of seeds that disperse in different ways. Some fly, some float and some spin like helicopter blades. I love climbing trees.  When I watched Blue Planet 2 it was amazing.  It reminded me of the Great Barrier Reef, when we snorkelled there.  I worry that all the coral reefs will die out leaving no home for the fish.”

What do you do to care for nature?

“At Tents on the Green last year I was surprised that I could make a smoothie using a bike to create energy. It was really cool. At home I helped plant trees and fruit bushes and some vegetables, for sustainable food. At school we are growing potatoes. We planted sycamore trees at school… and get to play on the field which has natural tunnels in the undergrowth. I joined a mass bike ride with Dad to help people know they’re not alone when riding bikes. It’s fun to ride my bike. We sometimes do that to church.”


What do you hope?

“I wish adults would help stop climate change more effectively! I hope that the nations of the world will agree that we should try to stop global warming as much as we could, meaning everything should go back to what it should be (no pollution). I feel good when I plant plants that will help take away the CO2…it is good because it gives out oxygen. If there were no trees we wouldn’t be alive – it’s a kind of cycle.”


Jo Crocker